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In These series "Layers of Meaning" I seek to experience the cities and towns of the world and their every day life. Looking for their unique spirit, their beat, the feel of it all. Looking for their environment, their people, and the way daily life is at present.This photograph with Mixed media and it is located in The Chivay is a town in southern Peru's Colca Valley. It's the gateway to the deep Colca Canyon, comprising a green valley and remote traditional villages with terraced agriculture that pre-dates the Incas. West of town, Andean condors circle above the Cruz del Condór viewpoint, which overlooks the Colca River.  Located at about 3,600 m above sea level (12,000 ft), it lies upstream and It has a central town square and an active market.

Siblings in the Colca


Original Photograph with Mixed media on canvas.

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